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BraunAbility Commercial Entervans Iowa, Nebraska & Arkansas

The Braun Commercial Minivan is the culmination of nearly forty years experience in building personal mobility products. Style, performance, convenience and safety have been aesthetically blended to achieve a new level of refinement in a wheelchair-accessible minivan.

The most striking feature is its handsomely finished automotive look. Easy access to the vehicle is achieved with a lowered floor and low angle ramp. Both the passenger side and the driver side sliding doors have been lowered to match the low floor level with no sill or other obstructions to step over. This standard feature also allows for a better wheelchair turning radius, making it easier to maneuver while inside the vehicle.

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The Commercial Entervan comes standard with a removable front driver and passenger seat, and a wheelchair securement position in the front passenger area. This allows a passenger to ride in the front passenger seat or, by simply removing the seat, to ride in their wheelchair.

Safety has always been a top priority at Braun. The Commercial Entervan has been crash tested and certified to meet or exceed all applicable requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and is backed by our Three-Year Limited Warranty.

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Commercial Entervan Features:

  • 2010 Dodge RT Grand Caravan SE Chassis
  • ADA, FMVSS and CMVSS Compliant
  • Meets/exceeds Altoona test requirements
  • CARB approved
  • 7-passenger vehicle (with optional 2-Passenger Fold-A-Way Seat)
  • Lowered floor from firewall to rear axle
  • 61" floor-to-ceiling at center of van*
  • Manual swing ramp providing 30" usable width
  • Multiple wheelchair securement locations
  • One belt system for wheelchair securement
  • Manual driver and passenger side sliding door providing 56-1/4" vertical opening (ADA compliant), passenger door provides 31-1/2" in width
  • Step-and-Roll front seats
  • Roll and Tumble third row seating
  • Front passenger floor tracks for wheelchair securement, with 60"
  • floor-to-ceiling height
  • Stylized lower body panels
  • Vinyl flooring w/ 3/8" marine grade plywood underlayment
  • ADA-compliant interlock
  • ADA-compliant ramp and door entrance lighting
  • Priority seat decal
  • Wheelchair securement location decals
  • 3-passenger bench seat at rear with footrest
  • Auxiliary wiring harnesses include fused circuits
  • Emergency rear hatch release
  • Easy maintenance interior trim package
  • 20 gallon OEM fuel tank

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